Louis Vuitton Trophy, Dubai – Mari Verticali by Fabrizio Plessi

For the second time in 2010 Fabrizio Plessi exposes his video installation Mari Verticali (vertical seas) for Louis Vuitton for a duration of three weeks. The exposition was situated in a mystical pyramid created by Louis Vuitton in the center of Dubai tempting visitors to go inside and travel to another dimension. PLessi’s twelve sailing ship decks, suspended over water pools and bathed in blue light, each equipped with a unique 4 meter long video installation of wavy ocean water rushing by, created by video designer Matthias Schnabel, and immersed in an overwhelming soundscape of crashing waves: an inspiration for the fans of the Louis Vuitton WSTA Sailing Trophy which culminated in the 2010 Dubai regatta.

Video for installation.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 2010.

Fabrizio Plessi,
Louis Vuitton

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