Louis Vuitton, dinner with Plessi at the Teatro San Carlo

Louis Vuitton’s store opening in Naples in december 2010 was accompanied by a very special event for only 80 exclusive invitees: a dinner at the theater San Carlo. Fabrizio Plessi was asked by Yves Carcelle (Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton) to create an emotional atmosphere that connected directly to the heart of the city of Naples: water and fire. Together with Matthias Schnabel, who created and realized the videos for this event, Fabrizio Plessi realized an 18 meter long lava stream passing in a chasm in the center of a dining table of black, burned wood. A red waterfall as suggestive backdrop covered the entire proscenium of one of the most beautiful theaters in Italy.

Video installation.
Video stage design.
Naples, Italy. 2010.

Fabrizio Plessi,
Louis Vuitton

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