Caffè Florian, 290th anniversary

The famous and storical venetian café Caffè Florian invited over 800 guests to celebrate its 290th birthday in the unique scenery of Piazza San Marco in Venice on September 9th 2010. Fabrizio Plessi, venetian artist, was invited to propose a spectacular one-time-only projection in honor of Caffè Florian. Together with Matthias Schnabel he created an emotional 5-minutes-long crescendo of rising water from which was born the word “Florian”. Plessi’s rising water became an artistic reference to Venice and the tradition of Caffè Florian, both born “out of the water” of the venetian lagoon.

Video installation.
Venice, Italy. 2010.

Fabrizio Plessi,
S.A.C.R.A. srl,
Galeria d’Arte Contini

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Thank you to Paolo Paganin and Filippo Rezzadore,, for the video footage.
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